[F-D] Accel World [480P][Dual-Audio]

Torrent: [F-D] Accel World [480P][Dual-Audio]
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[F-D].Accel.World.Episode.01.Acceleration.[480P][Dual-Audio].mkv 90.4 MB
[F-D].Accel.World.Episode.02.Transformation.[480P][Dual-Audio].mkv 88.3 MB
[F-D].Accel.World.Episode.03.Investigation.[480P][Dual-Audio].mkv 91.9 MB
[F-D].Accel.World.Episode.04.Declaration.[480P][Dual-Audio].mkv 91.1 MB
[F-D].Accel.World.Episode.05.Aviation.[480P][Dual-Audio].mkv 94.1 MB
[F-D].Accel.World.Episode.06.Retribution.[480P][Dual-Audio].mkv 90.6 MB
[F-D].Accel.World.Episode.07.Restoration.[480P][Dual-Audio].mkv 88.8 MB
[F-D].Accel.World.Episode.08.Temptation.[480P][Dual-Audio].mkv 87.6 MB
[F-D].Accel.World.Episode.09.Escalation.[480P][Dual-Audio].mkv 92.1 MB
[F-D].Accel.World.Episode.10.Activation.[480P][Dual-Audio].mkv 92.3 MB
[F-D].Accel.World.Episode.11.Obligation.[480P][Dual-Audio].mkv 87.6 MB
[F-D].Accel.World.Episode.12.Absolution.[480P][Dual-Audio].mkv 88.1 MB
[F-D].Accel.World.Episode.13.Violation.[480P][Dual-Audio].mkv 91.4 MB
[F-D].Accel.World.Episode.14.Arrestation.[480P][Dual-Audio].mkv 92.2 MB
[F-D].Accel.World.Episode.15.Destruction.[480P][Dual-Audio].mkv 90.4 MB
[F-D].Accel.World.Episode.16.Imagination.[480P][Dual-Audio].mkv 90.1 MB
[F-D].Accel.World.Episode.17.Fragmentation.[480P][Dual-Audio].mkv 88.6 MB
[F-D].Accel.World.Episode.18.Invitation.[480P][Dual-Audio].mkv 91.2 MB
[F-D].Accel.World.Episode.19.Revolution.[480P][Dual-Audio].mkv 90.4 MB
[F-D].Accel.World.Episode.20.Domination.[480P][Dual-Audio].mkv 91.0 MB
[F-D].Accel.World.Episode.21.Insurrection.[480P][Dual-Audio].mkv 92.1 MB
[F-D].Accel.World.Episode.22.Determination.[480P][Dual-Audio].mkv 93.2 MB
[F-D].Accel.World.Episode.23.Consolidation.[480P][Dual-Audio].mkv 90.5 MB
[F-D].Accel.World.Episode.24.Reincarnation.[480P][Dual-Audio].mkv 89.6 MB

Haruyuki is an overweight kid and at the bottom of the food chain at his middle school. Within the sci-fi setting of the real world he often seeks refuge in a virtual one. One day however his life changes when he is given an opportunity by the prettiest girl in the school no less, to integrate the two by means of a program called accelerated world. There is a catch however, in order to keep this add-on he must score points by fighting others within the realm of this new virtual world.

Audio: Eng/Jap
Subs: Eng
Eps: 24
Encoder: Frozen_Solid [F-D]
Size/ep: 80MB +/-
Format: .mkv



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