Pink Floyd - Live Animals Boston (2-CD) 1977 ak320

Torrent: Pink Floyd - Live Animals Boston (2-CD) 1977 ak320
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Name Size
01 Sheep.mp3 25.5 MB
02 Pigs on the Wing pt1.mp3 4.4 MB
03 Dogs.mp3 39.7 MB
04 Pigs on the Wing pt2.mp3 5.5 MB
05 Pigs 3 Different Ones
01 Shine on You Crazy Diamond I-V.mp3 30.1 MB
02 Welcome to the Machine.mp3 19.2 MB
03 Have a Cigar.mp3 13.3 MB
04 Wish You Were Here.mp3 14.3 MB
05 Shine on You Crazy Diamond VI-IX spliced.mp3
06a Audience clamoring for an Encore.mp3 2.1 MB
06b E1 Money.mp3 25.4 MB
07a Audience making noise for an encore.mp3 3.1 MB
07b E2 Us And Them.mp3 17.6 MB
1977-06-27-Boston LIVE.jpg 88.9 KB
1977-06-27-BostonAK.jpg 110.9 KB
1977-06-27-BostonLampinski-v2-livret.jpg 124.8 KB
1977pfbos.jpg 38.6 KB
1mgwnc77ak.jpg 39.1 KB
77animas-live-rockFLO.jpg 99.8 KB
dgpf70s.jpg 163.4 KB
DGPF76.jpg 19.8 KB
DGPF78.jpg 55.8 KB
pf baredom pain front.jpg 85.1 KB
PF77BST.jpg 34.1 KB
PIGS77PF.jpg 52.1 KB
Pink Floyd 1977 Animals Tour.jpg 91.4 KB
Pink Floyd 1977-06-27 Boston 1644 BACK.jpg 279.4 KB
Pink Floyd 1977-06-27 Boston FRONT.jpg 71.7 KB
Pink Floyd 1977-06-27 Boston FRONT2.jpg 218.3 KB
Pink Floyd Prog King Back77.jpg 199.0 KB
pink-floyd-animals-beanie-hat-9035-p.jpg 142.8 KB
pink-floyd-live-boredom-pain-boston-gardens-1977-6907.jpg 87.2 KB
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Pink Floyd - Live Animals Boston (2-CD) 1977 ak320

June 27 1977 Boston Garden, Boston, MA, 40 years ago...

Pink Floyd is one of the most bootlegged bands in history, its tours widely documented in high quality recordings, from radio or audience sources. ' Throughout these years, fans have desperately been searching for a high quality recording from the 1977 'Animals' tour. None of the shows from this tour was ever broadcast, and if Pink Floyd have recorded some of them , those are kept under lock and key because no trace has ever appeared.

So try this one out, it comes from dual tapers and they both were doing there thing and both were on opposite sides from each other and both had no idea that the other was there.

Years later....
The two recordings were synchronized to the exact same run time. A stereo field was then created by blending the two sources together. Phasing was corrected and routines were used to center the sound in the stereo field. The final recording was then tracked using traditional tracking points.

analogkid speaks June 16 2017:
And this is the result I listened to ths repeatedly trying to find fault, looking for a excuse/reason NOT to post it (cause I know those who get this are going to as well)
and what I heard was was not enough to scrap this.
Listen well and enjoy.

Set (Disk) I

01 Sheep 11:29
02 Pigs On The Wing (Part 1) 1:26
03 Dogs 18:58
04 Pigs On The Wing (Part 2) 2:19
05 Pigs (Three Different Ones) 19:28
Total Time 53:40

Set (Disk) 2
01 Shine On You Crazy Diamond (I-V) 13:17
02 Welcome To The Machine 8:34
03 Have A Cigar 5:06
04 Wish You Were Here 6:57
05 Shine On You Crazy Diamond (VI-IX) 22:10
06 Money 12:16
07 Us and Them 8:11
Total Time: 76:31

Bonus stuff in images file covers,photos,ect.


David Gilmour - guitar, vocals
Roger Waters - bass, vocals
Richard Wright - keyboards, vocals
Nick Mason - drums, percussion
Dick Parry - saxophone
Snowy White - guitar



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