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01 - Army of Electrons.mp3 8.6 MB
02 - Gas Giant.mp3 7.8 MB
03 - Rings of Saturn.mp3 7.2 MB
04 - Neptune Moons.mp3 8.3 MB
05 - Infinite End.mp3 8.1 MB
06 - Electromagnetic.mp3 7.7 MB
07 - Motion of Planets.mp3 6.1 MB
08 - The Pull of Invisible Strings.mp3 10.0 MB
09 - Through the Eye of Pisces.mp3 10.4 MB
10 - Worlds Can Go On.mp3 1.6 MB
11 - Magnificent Facade.mp3 15.3 MB

Arcadea - Arcadea 2017 ak

After the last great extinction, the galaxy Andromeda spins headlong into the Milky Way with three intergalactic travelers in tow. Drummer/vocalist Brann Dailor (Mastodon), Guitarist/keyboardist Core Atoms (Zruda, Gaylord) and Keyboardist/guitarist Raheem Amlani (Withered, Scarab) are said pioneers, the space wizards of psychedelic soundscapes where organic drums collide with synthetic keys to create an infinite transmission from an event horizon.


Subgenre: Heavy Psychedelic Metal / Psychedelic Rock

Bitrate: 320 k

Size: 91.07 MB

11 files


01. Army of Electrons
02. Gas Giant
03. Rings of Saturn
04. Neptune Moons
05. Infinite End
06. Electromagnetic
07. Motion of Planets
08. The Pull of Invisible Strings
09. Through the Eye of Pisces
10. Worlds Can Go On
11. Magnificent Facade


Drummer/vocalist Brann Dailor (Mastodon)
Guitarist/keyboardist Core Atoms (Zruda, Gaylord)
Keyboardist/guitarist Raheem Amlani (Withered, Scarab)



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