Geomagic Wrap v2017.0.0 (x64) - Full [4REALTORRENTZ]

Torrent: Geomagic Wrap v2017.0.0 (x64) - Full [4REALTORRENTZ]
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Geomagic Wrap v2017.0.0 (x64) - Full


Geomagic Wrap v2017.0.0 (x64) - Full, Former program Geomagic Studio. A reverse engineering program (from a scanned model or point cloud to a solid model).

From artists, archaeologists, designers and filmmakers, people of all trades create perfect 3D models of physical objects using Geomagic Wrap.

The Geomagic Wrap program provides the easiest to use, affordable, fast and accurate way to move from point clouds to 3D polygonal models.

The Geomagic Wrap program allows you to convert point cloud data and sensor data into three-dimensional polygon meshes for use in production, design, entertainment, archeology and analysis.

Advantages of Geomagic Wrap:

- Intelligent, automated and flexible, the Geomagic Wrap program provides the best practices and the highest quality of 3D scanned data, with high accuracy and productivity.
- Very fast creation of 3D models for further use, such as 3D printing, archiving and transferring to visual effects, rendering and for use in other systems.
- Improved editing, navigation and visualization of cloud points obtained from medium and long range scanners to create real 3D models improves understanding and presentation of data.
- Fast, accurate creation of two- and three-dimensional elements directly from sensor data, easily integrated with data from other sources.
- Automated means for positioning point clouds, cleaning and creating surfaces.
- Very fast processing of dense data to ensure the rapid creation and use of even large models.
- A robust scripting environment allows you to extend, customize and automate functions with deep access to selected software commands.
- Support for all standard three-dimensional formats and export to these formats to ensure rapid reuse of high-quality 3D measurements in design, visualization, prototyping, archiving, and so on..
- Export polygon models to various file formats, including STL, OBJ, VRML, DXF, PLY and 3DS.
- Output to 3D PDF format in which you can view fully embedded 3D working models (PDF document now supports PRC format).
- Provides clients with the best opportunities to work with current support, full resources and training services.
- Created and supported by the industry leader in creating 3D images, Geomagic Wrap offers high-quality technical support, comprehensive online guides and knowledge base, world-class training and the possibility of a simple upgrade to Geomagic Studio.
- The common interface provides a simple transition to other Geomagic products for control and reverse engineering is scalable and suitable for expanding your business and increasing productivity.
- Technical support by phone (available at the conclusion of the agreement on technical support) provides an immediate and comprehensive help and help of any kind.
- A free technical support website and knowledge base provide complete guides, videos, documents and tips for quickly learning about a problem or a difficult situation.
- Geomagic's world-class training and materials are available to quickly learn and improve user knowledge.

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