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CherryPlayer 2.4.6 released
Added new features:

1) Compact Music mode
- switch between "Normal mode"(Ctrl+Shift+Enter), "Music mode"(Shift+Enter) and "Video mode"(Ctrl + Enter) using submenu "View" or hotkeys

2) Local search in active playlist
- find bar is located in bottom part of playlist, it has buttons "Find previous", "Find next" and "Select all"
- click on "Select all" button to select all found items, then you can click "+" on any selected item and copy all selected items to any another playlist in one click
- find bar is shown by default, you can close find bar and show it
- added submenu "Find in Playlist" to show find bar ("Ctrl+F"), find next("F3") and find previous("Shift + F3").

3) Left panel settings
- show/hide any category in left panel using submenu "View"->"Panel" or right lick on left panel. For example, you can change default settings and show only Twitch or YouTube category in left panel.
- create user's playlists in Radio, Twitch and YouTube categories
- active playlist is saved at player exit and shown next player start.

4) CherryPlayer window icon color and "CherryPlayer" text color is changed to gray if player window is not active.


1) Broken switching YouTube, Twitch and VK video quality
2) Broken SoundCloud playback
3) Twitch video url added to player is not played
4) Player window freezes if click on download icon to download YouTube video


1) Hot keys
- to "Play"/"Pause" Alt+X
- to "Stop" Alt+S
- to play "Previous" Alt+A
- to play "Next" Alt+D
2) Right click on video will show context menu now
3) Click on "+" to add item to another playlist will show now context menu with all user's playlists related to current item media type (music or video)
4) Updated Slovenian translation.

Sincerely your CherryPlayer team


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Elsie Boatman 01.02.2017, 7:23 am
hottie. but 5 stars anyways How's that working? motherload AWW so cute!!! :) so awesome ^^ haha i actually laughed at this one
Katti Muneio 06.09.2016, 6:27 pm
ähh öde? masters of deceit scumbag pilfering crooks
Max Menard 03.08.2016, 4:09 am
this so crap,these posers are mocking Wth? 1:57 makes me want to cry
Juliane Guerriero 20.01.2017, 7:01 am
i agree this is the shittiest.. RofL Palin you can't even tell whats going on. soggy biscut THAT WAS HILARIOUS. lol
Eric Zaslavsky 25.06.2016, 5:08 am
dats such Seriously. i love it!! JEJEJEJE 5 STARS nice! but i don't play on new years at all!
Collin O'meara 06.08.2016, 10:00 am
business is business Nice! That's a cute doggy! That was awesome :D he's so cute
Jabez Wiatrowsky 25.01.2017, 11:20 pm
OMG5 stars
Ethelred Paruolo 01.03.2017, 2:36 pm
lol he is so cute!
Dorette Hanselman 16.10.2016, 6:12 pm
super bass FAKEE! has been cursed....... Cube
Michal Harp 01.06.2016, 1:01 pm
but can you watch my featured video?
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